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Boost your business by offering attractive terms to your buyers, while reducing your risk

With Documentary Credit, payments are guaranteed

Documentary credits


  • You know exactly when you will be paid, for your goods
  • DCs are the preferred choice for international transactions in many parts of the world, especially the Far East and Middle East
  • An option to have the full text of DCs sent to your e-mail account

Documentary Collections to help you negotiate better terms and protection

Documentary Collections

Our specialists will act on the supplier’s instructions to release documents covering shipment of goods when the buyer has made payment or agreed to pay on a future date.

Export Loans to help you fulfill shipment orders

Export loans

Our range of export financing solutions helps you free up cash flow and ease the overall burden of running your business.

You can get:

  • Pre-shipment finance - get packing loans or manufacturing advances to help ease your cash flow while you prepare to complete your shipment orders
  • Post-shipment finance - we may negotiate clean documents and pay the discounted value of the invoice concerned
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What if I'm not eligible

HSBC works to develop products and services to meet your requirements. To simplify the criteria for each product we provide a minimum salary or deposit criteria.

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