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Effective 1 March 2012, if you deposit cheques without the minimum mandated security features as required by the UAE Central Bank, HSBC will have to send the cheques directly to the issuing bank for manual clearing. This may cause substantial delay in crediting the funds to your account. For any cheques over AED500,000 without the minimum mandated security features, customers will be required to complete and sign the bank's standard collection form which includes the relevant terms and conditions.

The security-enhanced cheques come with additional security features aimed at reducing the possibility of fraud.

To determine whether the non-HSBC cheque that you are depositing have these security features, look for the word indicative of the instrument type, such as 'CHEQUE'. Press it gently with your thumb or rub on the word, the word will fade off due to the heat and will reappear once it has cooled down.

If the cheque you are depositing is an HSBC cheque, look for the following line at the bottom of the cheque.


This cheque paper contains an NCR watermark. If this line is not visible, it means that you are still using outdated cheques, and you need to make immediate arrangements to order your new chequebook.

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