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Personal loan

Personal loan


Today's plans determine where you'll be tomorrow. So, start planning your tomorrow today, with a low-interest HSBC Personal Loan. Borrow up to AED 750,000 to put towards your wedding, your child's education, or your travel destinations.

Personal Loan approval in 30 minutes

You no longer have to wait for days to find out if your personal loan got approved. At HSBC, we give you an answer in less than 30 minutes*.
It's really simple; all you have to do is submit the online request and one of our call centre agents will call you within minutes. Based on the information you provide on the phone, our call centre agent will make you a conditional offer. If you agree, processing your personal loan begins the very next day. This is our way of improving your experience with us.

Other benefits of a Personal Loan

A free airline voucher worth AED500 A hotel voucher booklet worth AED 150,000

"Book 1 night get 1 free" with hotel vouchers valid across more than 100 merchants worldwide
Up to two payment holidays annually*

Take a break from paying your installments twice a year, so you don't have to worry about splashing out on that luxury hotel in the Bora Bora or the Maldives.
Free credit life insurance
Defer your installments twice a year High Loan amounts

UAE Nationals may be eligible for a maximum loan amount of AED 750,000. For Expats, the eligibility is a maximum of AED 500,000.
Annual fee free credit card*

You'll automatically receive an annual fee free credit card, with your Personal Loan, so you'll have access to money whether you're on the beach in Rio or at a market in Marrakech.
Book 1 night and get 1 night free
Defer your installments twice a year 12-Month Personal Loan

Every now and then, we all have yearly payments that come knocking on our doors. The HSBC 12-month Personal Loan is designed to help you settle those upcoming yearly payments.
Personal Loan Top-up

HSBC offers you the opportunity to top-up your existing Personal Loan back to the original amount or higher, for paying your kids school fees, or your annual rent. Personal loan Top-up facility is subject to eligibility and will be offered in line with HSBC's current credit policies.
Book 1 night and get 1 night free

How to apply

  • You can call 800 7010 and speak to an HSBC representative
  • You can apply directly online by clicking the Apply Now button below
  • You can visit your nearest HSBC branch to speak to an HSBC representative
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You can apply for a Personal Loan if:

  • You are a UAE National aged between
    21 and 65 years
  • You are an Expatriate resident aged between
    21 and 65 years
  • You earn a minimum salary of AED7,500

Learn about applicable Fees & Charges
Learn more about documentation

*Terms and conditions apply:
1. Personal Loan approval in 30 minutes: The approval is conditional and is subject to the information and documentation provided by the customer. HSBC Bank Middle East reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
2. A "Payment Holiday" means the ability to defer payment of any one of your usual monthly payments. The deferred payment will become due and payable at the end of the initial 12 month term (or, if your loan has been renewed, the renewed 12 month term) of your loan and the initial 12 month term (or renewed 12 month term, if your loan has been renewed) of your loan will be extended by the duration of the number of deferred payments. At the end of the extended term (or renewed extended term, as applicable), you will be eligible to apply for renewal of your 12-month Personal Loan and the usual renewal terms and conditions will apply. Please note that any application for renewal must be made within 30 days after the end of the extended term and any renewal will be at our discretion. If you wish to take a Payment Holiday, you will need to notify us. Fees and charges relating to taking a Payment Holiday may apply. Two Payment Holidays may be taken consecutively, but only upon request and at our discretion. Additional terms related to Payment Holidays may apply at the time of availing the Payment Holiday.
3. Personal Loan amounts and HSBC Credit Card approvals are granted at the bank's sole discretion.
4. Credit criteria, fees and surcharges, terms and conditions apply
5. The Personal Loan rate mentioned is based on reducing balance.
6. Maximum loan amount of AED 750,000 is eligible for UAE Nationals only. Maximum loan amount for Expats is AED 500,000.
7. For 12-Month Personal Loan, in some cases documentation may be needed.

How to apply

Are you already an HSBC UAE customer?

Or call: 600 55 4722

What if I'm not eligible

HSBC works to develop products and services to meet your requirements. To simplify the criteria for each product we provide a minimum salary or deposit criteria.

Find out more about HSBC Personal Loans

Thank you for wishing to bank with HSBC. To apply for this product simply click Apply Now to fill out your details and let one of our experienced HSBC representatives call you back. Alternatively you can call us on the number below, whatever is more convenient for you.

Or call: 600 55 4722