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This was the zist page used for Logging on to Internet Banking in the past.

The following 3 steps depicts the fresh look process for Logging on to the New Generation Internet Banking Service from HSBC. Please familiarise yourself with each step.

Step 1 of 3: Enter your new (personalised) Username

Step 2 of 3: Enter your Memorable Answer to your (new ) Memorable Question

Step 3 of 3: Enter the 3 randomly prompted characters from your Password.

The 3 Password characters prompted for your input are always randomly selected, so you should expect them to change each time you attempt to Logon to the New Generation Internet Banking Service from HSBC.


Your Password is COMPUTER

Please remember to only use the displayed virtual keyboard whenever entering the prompted characters from your Password.

You would have to use the virtual keyboard and enter the following characters in the fields:

Fourth Character click on P
Sixth Character click on T
Second Last Character click on E

The below depicted fresh look 'Welcome' page would be displayed once you enter the continue button after correctly entering the randomly prompted 3 characters of your Password.