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Dedicated team

Fulfil your wealth ambitions with your dedicated team of financial professionals and specialists

Your Jade Relationship Director

Your carefully selected Jade Relationship Director will be one of our most experienced financial professionals. They're dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and goals, and will work with you through calls or private meetings. 

Support from a team of specialists

You'll have access to a team of multi-disciplinary specialists to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. They'll take a personal approach, working with you the way you want.    


Each specialist helps to develop a deeper understanding of how your needs are evolving. This allows us to build a truly holistic view of your priorities and to develop a tailored strategy for managing your wealth. 


You'll also have a Relationship Officer who'll help you with all your day-to-day banking, managing your financial requirements with expert care and attention.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation.