Save big for a chance to win big

Total prizes of AED 500,0001 including two prizes of AED 100,0002 each and more.

Deposit new funds into your Current, Savings, Term Deposit or eSaver account for your chance to win big. Once you have made an eligible deposit, every additional deposit of AED 10,000 gives you one extra entry into our prize draw. 

What’s more, you can enjoy higher interest rates on Term Deposit up to 3% p.a.3 and eSaver up to 1.50% p.a.4  

Things you should know

Campaign Period valid from 1 April 2019 to 31 May 2019 (both days inclusive). Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions, all Product and Offer Terms and Conditions, and Schedule of Services and Tariffs apply.

1The campaign has a total of 132 winners with prizes for category: Mega Prize, Super Grand Prize, Grand Prize and Prize. Please refer to the Campaign Terms and Conditions. For further details, please visit

2To qualify for the Mega Prize of AED 200,000, you must deposit a minimum of AED 1 million of new funds during the Campaign Period and maintain the funds with the bank at least until 31 July 2019. Once you have made an eligible transfer of AED 1 Million, you will be awarded one entry for every AED 10,000 of new funds transferred and enter into a prize draw to win AED 200,000 (the “Mega prize” only). For example, you will be awarded 102 entries for a transfer of AED 1,020,000.

3Interest rates are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited. The interest rate applicable to your existing Term Deposit will remain unchanged for the entire term of the deposit. For more information about the interest rates applicable to particular deposit amounts, currencies and terms, please contact one of our Premier Relationship Managers or any branch or call centre. If you decide to break your Term Deposit before the end of the term, fees and charges may apply and, in addition, you may lose some or all of your interest on your Term Deposit. 

4Interest rate for E-Saver is per annum and is calculated daily and paid on monthly basis. The corresponding interest rates on the eSaver table will be applicable on the entire daily closing balance in the E-Saver Account, eg if the daily closing balance is AED 2 million, then the corresponding interest rate of 1.75% set out in the table will be applicable on the entire AED 2 million. Similarly, if the daily closing balance is AED 6 million then the corresponding interest rate of 2.00% in the table will be applicable on the entire AED 6 million deposit.

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