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International payment tracker

Easily check where your payments are in the HSBC UAE app.

Keep track of your international payments

International payment tracker in the HSBC UAE app lets you check where your outward foreign currency payments are, 24/7.

You can search for payments from the last 60 days by debit account, date or status, and instantly see if they need further action. Simply select International payment tracker under the Pay and transfer tab.

How it works

Check your status

International payments tracker lets you see the status of money sent to accounts held with other banks outside UAE, or foreign currency payments made to other banks in the UAE.

  • In progress: payment is in progress with the remitting, intermediary, or beneficiary bank
  • Completed: payment has been received by the beneficiary
  • Payment sent: this status is for payments in progress or completed with limited tracking
  • Rejected: payment has been rejected by the remitting, intermediary, or beneficiary bank
  • Tracking unavailable: we can't provide a status update as other banks involved don't support international tracking

What you can track

You can view payments made from any of these accounts:

  • Current accounts
  • Savings, Flexi, and eSaver Accounts
  • Global Money[@ipt]


Each payment includes the following details:

  • Payment date
  • Payee name
  • Remitting account
  • Payment amount
  • The banks involved in the payment

Frequently asked questions

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