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We've got everything you need to make finding a home loan easy.

Find a home loan to suit you

Looking for a mortgage to buy a property in the UAE? Whatever your situation, we offer a variety of competitive mortgages.
If you've got an HSBC mortgage already, find to how to make changes, close your home loan or apply for an HSBC home loan on a second property.
We'll guide you through the application process, from getting an Approval in Principle to applying for your mortgage.

Discover home loan options

Buy your first property in the UAE with our competitive home loans.
Easily move your home loan to one of our latest rates.
Invest in the UAE with our competitive rate home loans, even if you don't live there now.

Making the most of your mortgage

Choosing whether to buy or rent your home is a difficult decision, but our guide can help you decide which could be the better option for you.
Find out how switching your mortgage could save you money and lower your monthly repayments.
Find out the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage early.
Everything you need to know about the different types of home loans.
Learn about how to buy a property and how the process works with our guide.

Calculate your payments

Understand what your repayments could be, based on the interest rate, term and repayment type.
Here are some more details about our rates and fees for home loans.