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Worldwide banking

Instantly move money between your HSBC accounts worldwide, with no HSBC fees, using Global Transfers[@gvgt-transfers].

Move money between your global HSBC accounts

Discover a smarter, faster way to move your money around the world. Transfer money instantly from your HSBC UAE account to your other HSBC accounts worldwide, with no fees on transfers you make in the app or online banking. 

Bank with no borders

Stay connected and get a single view of all your worldwide accounts 24/7 wherever you are with Global View. Just register for online banking in all the destinations you have an HSBC account to get started.

  • Link all your HSBC accounts just 2 days after opening your account outside the UAE
  • Log on once to view and manage them all on one screen
  • Send money between your accounts, and set up and track recurring payments

Make transfers with no HSBC fees

Whether it's to pay a home loan, fund an education, support family outside the UAE or something else, you can make free Global Transfers between all your worldwide HSBC Premier, Global Private Banking or Advance accounts in seconds[@gvgt-transfers]Footnote link 1, gvgt-transfers.

  • Move money in 22 countries and regions
  • Our trusted global network guarantees secure, automated transfers

Transfer with competitive exchange rates

Send money to your accounts confidently online around the world, whenever you're sending it, with our live exchange rates.

  • Transfer in over 25 currencies
  • Send money in multiple currencies, with live rates during market hours, so you know exactly how much you're sending and receiving[@gvgt-exchangerates]

Using this service

Things to know

Who can use this service?

Before you start, check that you:

  • are a Premier, Advance or Global Private Banking customer
  • have a current account in the UAE and at least one other eligible country or region
  • are registered for online banking in the UAE and all the countries or regions you have an account in

This product/service may be affected by changes in foreign currency exchange rates.

Get started

Already bank with us in 2 places?

Before you start, check that you:

Log on to online banking to start making transfers between your global accounts.

Open an account overseas

To use this service, you'll need an account in at least 2 countries or regions. Apply for an account in another destination to get started.

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