Manage your international finances with ease

If you hold Premier or Advance accounts in multiple countries and territories, you can link these accounts and move money between them in just 6 seconds1 using the Global View and Global Transfers service.

Link your accounts and move money now

Why use this service?

  • Easy and convenient
    24/7 access to your worldwide accounts through a single logon.
  • Fee-free instant transfers
    Move funds of up to USD 100,000 instantly.1
  • Secure currency transfers
    Transfer in over 25 currencies to 25 countries.1
  • Real-time exchange rates
    Available for most currencies.1

International Money Transfers

When you need to transfer money outside of your worldwide HSBC accounts, use our hassle-free international money transfer solutions for your money transfer needs both locally and overseas.

High online transfer limit up to AED 500,000, fee-free transfers for INR, PKR, EGP and PHP2 are just a few of its many benefits.

How to use the service

To use Global View and Global Transfers, you must have online banking set up in the countries and territories where you hold Premier or Advance Accounts. You'll need to enter your log on details to link and move money between your accounts.

Link your accounts

  1. Log on and select 'Add a country/territory' in 'Global View'. 
  2. Select the country/territory to link to.
  3. Enter your log on details for that country/territory.
  4. Accept our 'Terms and conditions'.
  5. View your linked accounts in 'Account overview'.

Move money between your accounts

  1. Log on and select 'Global Transfers'.
  2. Select the 'Transfer from' and 'Transfer to' country/territory.
  3. Enter your log on details for the 'Transfer from' country/territory.
  4. Enter the transfer details, eg account, currency, amount and date.
  5. Check your transfer details and press 'Confirm'.

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Managing your money is easier with our premium banking service.

1Global Transfers is only available for Jade, Premier and Advance customers. Global Transfers are effected instantly (typically within 6 seconds from submitting the required information) for supported currencies. See a list of supported currencies. Exceptionally, in circumstances outside of our control, it may not be possible to effect your transfer through Global Transfers, in which case you should contact our Customer Services or use another way to effect your transfer. Live foreign exchange rates are refreshed every 90 seconds at the branch and in online banking every 120 seconds in Global View and Global Transfers during international weekdays (Monday - Friday). On international weekends (Saturday and Sunday), or when the currency markets are closed, live foreign exchange rates are not available and rates will remain unchanged until the next international working day.

2If charge type "all charges to be paid from my account" is selected, the corresponding bank will not deduct any of its charges from the remittance amount and there will be no money transfer fee by HSBC UAE for transfers of Indian Rupee to India, Pakistani Rupee to Pakistan, Egyptian Pound to Egypt and Philippine Peso to the Philippines. Our Schedule of Services and Tariffs, as amended from time to time, will apply.