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Money transfers

Money alone won’t provide for your loved ones from a world away. You will.

Transfer money the way you want

Enjoy quick and convenient international or domestic payments and transfers with HSBC money transfers.

HSBC gives you five simple ways to transfer money

  • Online banking: enjoy 24/7 access where you can transfer in few clicks through global transfers and online banking.

  • Branch or Customer Service Unit: located conveniently across the UAE, with representatives at your service.

  • Premier Relationship Manager: If you're an HSBC Premier customer, you can call your Relationship Manager to make a transfer.1

  • Phone banking: a team to assist you in making transfers 24/7.2

  • Mobile banking : use the HSBC mobile banking app to transfer money within your own local HSBC accounts and to other local banks.

Global Money Account

  • Hold, send and convert money in 21 currencies on our mobile app

  • All transfers are instant, fee-free3 and at competitive exchange rates4

  • Make local and international transfers on your mobile to new and existing payees within HSBC5

  • Arrange hassle-free payments to your contacts using their mobile number6

If you already have our mobile app, simply log on set up your Global Money Account.

International transfers

  • Competitive exchange rates7

  • Transfer to 200 countries and regions in over 25 currencies

  • Fee-free transfers for INR, PKR, EGP and PHP8

  • View live rates at the time of making a transfer9

If you’re already an HSBC customer, simply log on to online banking to transfer money.

Global View and Global Transfers

  • Competitive exchange rates7

  • Enjoy instant transfers up to USD 100,000 daily for Global Transfers10

  • Transfer money anytime with 24/7 online transfers

  • Transfer in over 25 currencies to 25 countries and regions11

  • Benefit from fee-free transfers

  • View live rates at the time of making a transfer9

Link your HSBC Jade, Premier or Advance accounts in multiple countries and regions, and move money between them in seconds.10

Domestic money transfers

  • Fee-free money transfers with SMS notifications for transfers and balances12

  • Additional layer of protection to ensure that only you have access to your account

  • Create recurring transfers from your HSBC accounts in the UAE

Transfer money from your HSBC UAE accounts to pay your local utility, telephone or credit card bills with domestic money transfers, a safe and convenient way to make payments.

Inward money transfers

  • Transfer money from your home country or region to your HSBC UAE account

    You will need to compare the exchange rates offered by your bank back home at the time of your transfer with HSBC exchange rates, before choosing the currency in which the transfer is made. When you choose AED as the transfer currency, your bank back home will make the currency conversion for you

  • Preferential exchange rates7

    We offer preferential exchange rates for our HSBC Jade & Premier customers.

Transfer money from your home country or region to your HSBC UAE account, in the currency of your choice.


You'll need to use the SWIFT code BBME AEAD when making international payments.

Make a transfer online

Simply log on to start transferring money.

Already an online customer?

A Secure Key is required to add a new beneficiary.

Not registered yet?

If you’re already a customer it only takes a moment.

Contact us about money transfers

By phone

HSBC Jade customers: 800 5233 (within UAE) or +971 4 366 9027 (outside UAE)

Premier customers: 800 4320 (within UAE) or +971 4 224 1000 (outside UAE)

Advance customers: 800 4420 (within UAE) or +971 4 325 4573 (outside UAE)

Personal Banking customers: 600 55 4722 (within UAE) or +971 4 228 8007 (outside UAE)

In branch

Visit your nearest branch or Customer Service Unit for a chat.

Important notes

Subject to relevant threshold amounts and internal approvals.

If you're an HSBC Premier customer, please call 800 4320. If you're an HSBC Advance customer, please call 800 4420. If you're an HSBC Personal Banking customer, please call 600 55 4722. If you’re an HSBC Jade customers, please call 800 5233.

3 Subject to the availability of supported currencies and eligible participating countries / territories. By “instant” we mean Global Money transfers are typically made within 6 seconds.

4 We draw on a combination of factors to provide Global Money Account users with competitive conversion rates, quoted to you at the time of making the transfer. You’ll receive the HSBC Exchange Rate before you complete a transaction. This rate refreshes every 90 seconds to align to market exchange rates. The HSBC Exchange Rate includes the HSBC cost rate and a foreign currency conversion margin.

5 Global Money transfers can only be made between eligible HSBC accounts locally or globally in participating countries / territories and are subject to the availability of supported currencies.

6 This capability is part of the optional Payment Network feature. To receive funds into a Global Money Account via the Payment Network, the intended beneficiary must also be a holder of a Global Money Account and have opted into the Payment Network.

7 We cannot guarantee that the exchange rates offered by HSBC UAE will be better than those offered by other financial institutions at the time of transfer.

8 If charge type "You'll pay all fees - OUR" is selected, the correspondent bank will not deduct any of its charges from the remittance amount and there will be no money transfer fee charged by HSBC UAE for transfers of Indian Rupee to India, Pakistani Rupee to Pakistan, Egyptian Pound to Egypt and Philippine Peso to the Philippines. 'OUR' charge type refers to You'll pay all fees, 'BEN' charge type refers to Payee or beneficiary will pay all fees and 'SHA' charge type refers to fees being shared between you and Payee / Beneficiary. Our Schedule of Services and Tariffs, as amended from time to time, will apply.

Live foreign exchange rates are refreshed every 90 seconds at the branch and in online banking and 120 seconds in Global View and Global Transfers during international weekdays (Monday-Friday). On international weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or when the currency markets are closed, live foreign exchange rates are not available and the rates will remain unchanged until the next international working day.

10 Global Transfers are effected instantly (typically within 6 seconds from submitting the required information) for supported currencies. Exceptionally, in circumstances outside of our control, it may not be possible to effect your transfer through Global Transfers, in which case you should contact our Customer Services or use another way to effect your transfer.

11 Global Transfers is only available for Jade, Premier and Advance customers. See list of supported currencies and supported countries and regions below:

12 You must register to use our SMS Alerts service, at the time of account opening or request to use this service by calling 800 5233 for Jade, 800 4320 for Premier, 800 4420 for Advance and 600 55 4722 for Personal Banking customers. Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions apply.

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