Fixed income

  • Enjoy a regular income stream: bonds may be suitable for you should you prefer to receive stable income on your capital throughout the tenor of the bond
  • Diversify your investment risk: the inclusion of bonds may lower the overall risk of a portfolio, as they tend to have a lower volatility to certain asset classes
  • Reap potential long-term gain: bonds offer the potential to make capital gain by selling them if they appreciate in market value

HSBC offers customers a selection of international bonds from the US, Eurozone and Asia. These bonds are issued by governments and corporates from different countries and industries. 

Mutual Funds

  • Diversify your existing investments: complement your current investments with funds from markets you might not have considered before
  • Switch your investments for free: move your money between funds as conditions change
  • Choose from various individual funds from a range of regions

Get access to global investment fund opportunities. Create your own portfolio from a range of funds like equities, bonds and specialised sector funds.