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Invest in different asset classes

Trade on your mobile

Now you can also access our Online Trading Platform in the HSBC UAE app.

HSBC Online Trading Platform

  • Access the world's main stock exchanges online or in the HSBC UAE app

  • See all your investments in one place with our wealth dashboard

  • Get transparent and competitive fees

You can now invest1 in equities and exchange traded funds in a safe and secure environment, with competitive fees, online and in the HSBC UAE app.

Fixed income

  • Enjoy a regular income stream: bonds may be suitable for you should you prefer to receive stable income on your capital throughout the tenor of the bond

  • Diversify your investment risk: the inclusion of bonds may lower the overall risk of a portfolio, as they tend to have a lower volatility to certain asset classes

  • Reap potential long-term gain: bonds offer the potential to make capital gain by selling them if they appreciate in market value

HSBC offers customers a selection of international bonds from the US, Eurozone and Asia. These bonds are issued by governments and corporates from different countries, regions and industries. 

Mutual Funds

  • Diversify your existing investments: complement your current investments with funds from markets you might not have considered before

  • Switch your investments for no fees: move your money between funds as conditions change

  • Choose from various individual funds from a range of regions

Invest in mutual funds online. Create your own portfolio from a range of global funds, including equities, bonds and specialised sector funds.

1HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, UAE Branch are only receiving the order as your agent and to transmit the order to HSBC Bank PLC for execution. HSBC Bank PLC will act as your broker. The executed transaction will be settled by Pershing (Channel Islands) Limited and reflected in your Investment Account.

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