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Fraud and security centre

Here to help you stay safe and secure

Whether you've been the victim of fraud or are looking to learn how to protect yourself, this page outlines key information you should know and what we do to keep you safe and secure.

Protect yourself from fraud


Read about the initiatives we have in place to protect your money from financial crime.


Learn how to stay safe online with our helpful guides.


Learn how to protect your account from fraud and misuse.


Discover the portable easy to use tool that protects you when you use online or mobile banking.


Learn about our network of security agents working behind the scenes to protect your accounts.

2-way card fraud alert system

To keep you even safer from card fraud, we've introduced a 2-Way Card Fraud SMS/Email alert system. It's replacing the old process, making it easier and quicker for us to contact you if we need to verify any card transactions.

If we're alerted to any transactions that seem unusual, we'll immediately send you an SMS and an email, asking you to confirm whether you made these transactions.

How does it work

  • you'll receive card fraud alerts via SMS and email - we won't call you at first
  • we'll use your registered mobile number and email address to send you alert notifications
  • you'll get an SMS from 2883 and an email from HSBC UAE The subject of the email will read ‘HSBC Fraud Prevention Alert’
  • if you receive a card fraud alert, please respond within 30 minutes to confirm whether you made the transaction
  • if you don't respond within 30 minutes, we'll call you for confirmation

Common fraud methods


Smishing (SMS Phishing)


You can learn more about common methods of fraud on the page Helping you stay safe online.

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