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Mutual funds

The easy way to start your own investment portfolio.

About mutual funds

Mutual funds allow you to create a diverse portfolio by investing in securities, bonds, currencies and commodities across markets. Your money is pooled with money from other investors and put into a range of assets. These assets will depend on the fund’s objectives and investment approach. 

Get up to AED 2,200 cashback on investments

Get up to 50% cashback on mutual fund or bond transaction fees, plus up to USD 100 cashback when you make 10 or more equity or ETF trades, by 30 April 2024.

See offer Terms and conditions (PDF, 287 KB) 

Why invest in mutual funds?

Switch your investments

Move your money between funds as conditions change.

Invest safely and securely

We invest a lot in technology to ensure our online platforms are always available, whenever you need them.

Make a lump sum investment

Make a one-time investment in a fund and take immediate advantage of the market situation.

Things to know

Creating a portfolio from a variety of asset classes can help increase your wealth potential. Diversification is important because different assets respond differently to different market conditions. So having a range of investment types may lower your risk by strengthening your portfolio against volatility.

Are mutual funds suitable for everyone?

Investing in funds may not be for everyone. For example, they may not be suitable if you:

  • want potentially higher returns, but are not prepared for variable returns which include the risk of losing a substantial part or all of the money you invested.
  • do not understand how returns are calculated or are unclear about the factors and scenarios that can affect returns; do not understand a fund's investment objective, strategy or approach.
  • do not understand the risks associated with the fund. Some funds use financial derivatives to hedge risks and/or to improve performance. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with the use of financial derivatives, including the risk that the provider (or counterparty) of the financial derivatives defaults.
  • are not prepared to have your money tied up for long periods of time. As funds are exposed to market ups and downs, investors who stay invested long enough may be better able to ride out the downturns. For this reason, you should have adequate financial resources so that you won't have to redeem your funds during a market down turn.
  • need to convert your investments to cash in the short-term to meet specific needs, some funds may not be suitable for you.
  • are not familiar with the fund manager and fund's track record.

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Additional information

    This information is neither an offer to sell, purchase or subscribe for any investment nor a solicitation of such an offer. This does not constitute investment advice. This information is general and does not take into account a person's individual circumstances, objectives or needs. Investments carry risk and values may go up as well as down. Before you make any investment decisions, you may wish to consult a financial adviser. Please visit any of our branches or contact your relationship manager to make an appointment.

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