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Manage your mortgage

If you've got an HSBC mortgage already, find out how to make changes, close your home loan or apply for an HSBC home loan on a second property.

Speak to a home loan specialist

Get in touch with our expert mortgage team. Give us a call toll-free on 800 HOUSE, or leave your details and we'll give you a call back. You can also email with your query.

Explore the changes you can make

Take a look at the different options you have - from borrowing more, to extending your term.

Modify your property

If you'd like to carry out renovations or major repairs to your property, we'll aim to get your certificate ready within 7 working days, depending on your circumstances.

Purchase an additional home

If you're looking for a second property, speak to a mortgage specialist about applying for an additional HSBC home loan. You'll be able to manage your repayments easily in one place with our online banking.

Make overpayments

You have the freedom to overpay up to 25% of your outstanding home loan balance per calendar year without a fee. Anything over 25% may incur an early settlement charge.

Sell your home

You'll need to repay the full outstanding balance of your home loan (principal plus interest) that's owed up to the time of the sale. We'll then release our security over the property. And if your buyer is planning to take a home loan, refer them to us and you could get a special discount on any applicable Early Settlement Fees.

Frequently asked questions

If you do not keep up your repayments/payments, you may lose your property.

You may have to pay penalties if you pay off a loan/financing early.

If you do not meet the repayments/payments on your loan/financing, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access financing in the future.

Refinancing your loans/financing may take longer to pay off than your previous loan/financing and may result in paying more in interest/profit.

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