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International services

Whether you’re living, studying or investing abroad, our international banking services help you feel at home wherever you are.

View, manage, spend and send money like a local, from anywhere in the world, all from your mobile.

Bank internationally with HSBC

From seamless digital banking and special offers abroad, to wealth management, tax and relocation guidance, we move with you – whatever your global banking needs are.

Open accounts in over 30 destinations

Open an account pre-departure, or once you arrive. Plus, for certain locations, you can do it all online.

Wherever home is, your bank is too

Manage your global accounts from one place online, and make transfers between them with no HSBC fees[@gvgt-transfers]Footnote link 1, gvgt-transfers.

Settle in with a local credit card

We make it easy to apply for a credit card in a new destination.

Value-added global services

Wherever you are in the world, you can expect seamless support and professional services that go beyond banking.

Open an account

We have a range of banking solutions in the UAE to suit different banking needs. Compare our accounts (PDF)

Apply for an account in the UAE

It's quick and easy to apply for an account in the HSBC UAE app, wherever you are.

Open an account outside the UAE

Looking to move, work or invest abroad? Find out how to apply for an account in another destination.

Our international services

Discover how we support you globally, from everyday global banking to expert local guidance.
View, manage, spend and send money like a local, from anywhere in the world, all from your mobile.
Send money around the world to more than 200 countries and regions.
Explore our value-added services, from referrals for tax advice and relocation support to special offers worldwide.
Instantly move money between your HSBC accounts worldwide, with no HSBC fees, using Global Transfers[@gvgt-transfers].
Invest in equities, exchange traded funds, fixed income bonds and mutual funds in a safe and secure environment.
Settle in with a credit card in your new destination to help kickstart your life abroad.

Welcome to the UAE

We'll make it easy to manage your money, so you can focus on settling in to life in the UAE.
Invest in the UAE with our competitive rate home loans, even if you don't live there now.
Stay connected to Egypt from the UAE with our Egyptian expat services.
Manage your finances in India effortlessly from the UAE with our non-resident Indian services.

International support

Find out where you can bank internationally with us and how to get in touch.

Making the most of your international journey

Check out our guides on moving or travelling abroad and managing your money worldwide.
Find out everything you need to know about moving to the UAE with our guide.
Here's our handy checklist of all the things you may need to do before moving to the UAE.
Top things to consider before you arrive to get your finances ready.
All you need to know about exchange rates when converting money into other currencies.
Find out whether it's cheaper to pay in the local currency when you're outside the UAE.
Learn how to send money outside of the UAE and the pros and cons of each method.

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