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Transfer your balance

Easily move your home loan to one of our latest rates.

Move your mortgage to one of our current rates

A balance transfer is the process of moving your home loan from one lender to another.

You might decide to do this because:

  • you can reduce your financial burden with a lower rate or better length term
  • you can benefit from our expert mortgage advisers and service
  • you're already an HSBC customer, looking to have finances in one place

Helpful information about moving your home loan

Make the right decision about moving your home loan by exploring these tools and resources. Our repayment calculator, information on rates and fees and 'how to' guide will help you understand the potential costs and process.

Why remortgage with us?

  • Extend your mortgage term
    Transfer your home loan balance to HSBC and extend your term, so your monthly repayments could be less.
  • Overpayment allowance
    You'll have an overpayment allowance equivalent to 25% of the outstanding balance of your home loan.
  • Competitive APR
    Competitive annual percentage rate for Premier resident customers [@annualpercentagerate].
  • HSBC Premier account
    You may be able to apply for a HSBC Premier account with us.

Our home loans


Lock in your interest rate with a fixed-interest home loan.


Benefit from a variable interest rate that's reviewed every 3 months.


Buy a sustainable LEED-certified property and get a discount on your home loan.

If you do not keep up your repayments/payments, you may lose your property.

You may have to pay penalties if you pay off a loan/financing early.

If you do not meet the repayments/payments on your loan/financing, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access financing in the future.

Refinancing your loans/financing may take longer to pay off than your previous loan/financing and may result in paying more in interest/profit.

Get started

Arranging a home loan balance transfer with us is straightforward, even if you're not a resident yet.

We recommend that you get an Approval in Principle first – we’ll explain how to do this over the phone when you request a call back. Then, we'll let you know what you’ll need to do for your home loan application.

If you're an HSBC Global Private Banking or Premier customer already, simply call your Relationship Manager to get started.

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