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It’s important to keep your documents up to date

For your security, we will occasionally need you to provide up-to-date copies of your Emirates ID and other important documents. Failure to provide these documents could result in your account being blocked.

The upload centre makes it easier for you to submit required documents in a quick and secure way.


Simply select the option that is most relevant to you and follow the instructions.

What do you need to upload?

New to UAE, just received your first Emirates ID?

If you are a new arrival to the UAE, and recently opened a bank account with us, we will need a copy of your first Emirates ID to unlock your full range of account benefits. 

This is required to issue your first cheque book and change your account to a checking / resident account.

Recently renewed your Emirates ID?

If you have recently renewed an existing Emirates ID, please upload a copy of the most recent version to ensure uninterrupted access to our banking services.

Failing to upload your renewed Emirates ID will lead to your account being blocked.

Other documents

From time to time, we may ask you to provide other documents, such as a salary letter, tenancy contract or utility bill.

Update your tax information

If you need to update your tax information, please use this form to provide new details and upload any supporting documents.

FATCA information

If you need to provide supporting documents regarding Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA) please use this form.

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