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Bank accounts for Emiratis

Choose a Premier or Advance bank account and get access to exclusive benefits with Emirati Prestige.

Even better banking, just for Emiratis

As a UAE native, you can get your hands on some exclusive benefits when you open an HSBC Premier or Advance account. Plus, we’ll also give you up to AED 4,000 cashback, just to welcome you on board.

Get access to these exclusive benefits

Up to AED 4,000 cashback

Get AED 4,000 cashback when you open a Premier Account, or AED 2,000 cashback when you open an Advance Account. T&Cs apply (PDF, 155 KB).

Preferential rates

Enjoy preferential rates on personal loans and home loans (with a high lending limit of AED 2 million on personal loans).

Dedicated service

Get a dedicated Relationship Manager to help you manage your money and plan your financial future. (Premier Account only.)

Preferential eligibility

Open a Premier Account with a monthly salary of AED 30,000+ instead of AED 40,000. (Premier Account only.)

Other account features and benefits

Whether you choose a Premier or an Advance account, you'll also have access to all of this.

  • Spend, send and withdraw money abroad, with no HSBC fees[@non-hsbc-fees], using a Global Money Account
  • Trade in up to 25 markets and 77 exchanges with competitive transaction fees using HSBC WorldTrader[@world-trader-conditions]
  • Get supplementary debit cards for family members aged 14 and over
  • Open an HSBC account abroad with no fees, and get help applying for an international mortgage if you need one[@emirati-mortgage]
  • With a Premier Account, your spouse and children will enjoy Premier status too, so they can have a Premier Account of their own

Enjoy even more perks with a credit card

Apply for a Premier or Advance credit card when you open your account, and you can tap into even more benefits and rewards.
  • Earn Air Miles whenever you spend on your card, and exchange them for flights, hotels and more
  • Relax, with unlimited complimentary access at airport lounges worldwide
  • Get 15% off one Amazon app purchase every month, up to AED 75, with your credit card[@amazon-redemption]
  • Enjoy buy 1 get 1 free movie tickets at VOX and Reel cinemas, and get up to 20% cashback when you shop overseas at Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and more
  • Get a complimentary 12-month Careem Plus subscription with your HSBC credit card[@careem-redemption]

Our latest offers

Get a cash bonus when you recommend an Emirati friend

Once you're a customer, you can get extra cashback when you recommend an Emirati friend or family member. Get AED 1,000 if they open a Premier Account, and AED 500 if they open an Advance Account.

Sophia subscription offer

Discover the secrets of financial wellness for women with our Sophia subscription giveaway.

Things to know

Who can apply for a Premier Account?

To apply for Premier you must be 18 or older, opening an account for yourself, and not already banking with us in the UAE.

You must also meet 1 of the following criteria:

  • deposit an ongoing individual monthly net income of at least AED 30,000 into your account
  • maintain a Total Relationship Balance (TRB) with us of AED 350,000 in deposits and/or investments[@trb350]
  • hold a mortgage with us with a drawdown of AED 3,000,000 or above for the first 24 months, after which one of our other eligibility criteria will have to be met
  • already hold, and qualify for, a Premier account in another country or region
  • have a spouse or parent who already holds, and qualifies for, a Premier account

Who can apply for an Advance Account?

To apply for Advance you must be 18 or older, opening an account for yourself, and not already banking with us in the UAE.

You must also meet 1 of the following eligibility criteria:

  • a minimum monthly salary transferred to an HSBC account of AED 15,000 or more
  • a minimum monthly average balance in deposits and/or investments of AED 100,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) or more

An original salary letter must be submitted to HSBC. A minimum salary amount of AED 15,000 must be credited to your account each month. A monthly service fee per account may apply if the eligibility criteria are not met. Please refer to our Schedule of Tariffs, as amended from time to time, for more information.

You may have to pay penalties if you pay o­ff a loan/financing early.

If you do not meet the repayments/payments on your loan/credit card/financing, your account will go into arrears. This may aff­ect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access financing in the future.

Refinancing your loans/financing may take longer to pay off­ than your previous loan/financing and may result in paying more in interest/profit.

If you do not meet the Premier or Advance account eligibility requirements then we reserve the right, at our discretion, to charge you a service fee up to the point we convert your account into a Personal Banking account. Terms and conditions apply.

Get started

Apply in our app

Download the HSBC UAE app to apply for a Premier or Advance account in minutes.

Apply by phone (Premier only)

For more information on HSBC Premier, please call us.

From within the UAE: 


From outside the UAE: 

+9714 2241000

Lines are open 24 hours. Calls may be recorded to help us improve our service.

Or, if you're an existing Premier customer, call your relationship manager to discuss your next steps.

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