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Manage information requests

Find out what to do if we've asked you for more information about a transfer.

What is an information request?

An information request is when we (or another bank) ask for more information about a transfer you’ve asked to make. We do this to make sure your payment complies with our internal policy standards and any applicable laws, regulations and policies.

If there’s an information request you need to respond to, we'll let you know by email and SMS (with a reminder every 2 days). So it’s important to make sure your contact details are up-to-date.

We'll give you a deadline for responding, and recommend doing so as soon as possible to avoid further delays to your transfer.

How to respond to an information request

Respond in the HSBC UAE app

The easiest way to respond to an information request is using the HSBC UAE app:

  1. Log on to the HSBC UAE app
  2. Go to ‘Pay and transfer’ and select ‘Manage information requests’
  3. Select the transfer and submit the information requested

Once you've provided the information, it usually takes around 2 business days to review and take any necessary action on your transfer.

Respond by phone

If you'd like to respond to an information request by phone, please contact our call centre and let them know you've received an information request. You'll need the case number, which you can find in the subject line of the email we sent you, or in our app.

Someone from our information request team will then call you back.

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