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Frequently Asked Questions: Partial payment of cheques

Customer Questions and Answers

If I have a cheque that was rejected can I represent it to the bank for partial payment?

Starting the 3 January 2022, if you hold a cheque that was initially rejected for insufficient funds, whereby HSBC UAE is the drawee bank, you can represent through any of our branches and we may provide you with the available balance of the cheque in the issuer account as of the date when you present the cheque for the partial payment.

If the drawee bank is not HSBC UAE, you will need to contact the drawee bank to understand if they can facilitate partial payment of a cheque. 

What documents do I need to present to support partial payment of a cheque?

You must submit:

  • the original cheque
  • the returned cheque acknowledgment slip
  • any Cheque Partial Payment Certificates received earlier

If it's a cash/open cheque, we will provide you the payment in cash.

If it's a non-cash/crossed cheque/restricted cheque we will send the funds to your beneficiary account in the UAE.

How many times can I represent a cheque for partial payment?

You can represent a cheque for partial payment multiple times until the cheque is fully paid or the cheque has expired.

If the cheque has a partial payment stamp on it, then for any future payment requests with respect to the same cheque, they can only be done through our branches.

Are there fees associated with partial payment of a cheque?

As a cheque beneficiary you will not be charged any fees for partial payment.

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