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Frequently Asked Questions : Trusted Browser

Why have I been asked to confirm my browser?

You’ve logged on to online banking with a new browser, or your browser has been updated. This check is to protect your accounts from unauthorised access.

Why am I being asked to verify a browser I’ve used before?

If you’ve updated your operating system or software browser, we may not recognise your computer. You’ll be asked to confirm your browser again for security reasons.

How can I confirm my browser if I’ve changed my mobile?

You can see part of your mobile number on the verification instruction page before we send the SMS activation code.

To update your number, please log on to online banking with your Secure Key and select ‘Update Personal Information’ under services in the main menu. You can also call us on +9714 2274310 (within and outside UAE) or visit us in branch.

You’ll be sent your activation codes once your mobile number change request is complete.

How can I verify my browser if I can’t get the activation code?

You can ask us to resend the SMS activation code, or use your Security Device.

Can I log on with a new browser when abroad?

Please contact your mobile network service provider to see if you can receive SMS when roaming.

You can also take your Security Device to verify your browser.

Should I allow the browser to be used in future?

When you confirm your browser, there’s an option to trust the browser for future use.

If you’re using a private computer, choose ‘Yes’. You won’t need to confirm again the next time you use it to log on.

If you’re using a public computer, choose ‘No’ to help prevent unauthorised access.

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