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Discover a world of extraordinary experiences with your passions and goals at its heart

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Jade is the elevated service for your wealth and lifestyle which puts your passions and goals at its heart. Let Jade be your guide to exclusive benefits and phenomenal experiences that enhance your lifestyle, and introduce you to a carefully tailored suite of wealth management services. 


See how Jade can enrich your world.

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Unlock your exclusive lifestyle offers, benefits and experiences.

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Superior financial expertise and service


Benefit from a dedicated Jade Relationship Director, supported by a team of experts, who'll be at the heart of your success.


Access tools and expertise to manage your evolving wealth needs the way you want.


Get support whenever and wherever you need it, as well as preferential pricing and terms.

Designed to support and enrich your passions and interests, the HSBC Jade concierge service, delivered by Ten Lifestyle Group PLC, offers you access to a range of tailored luxury experiences and lifestyle benefits provided by our network of global and local partners.

Discover Jade - a world of exclusive privileges awaits you

HSBC Jade Debit Card

Explore the world at your convenience with
the HSBC Jade Debit Card

HSBC Jade Credit Card

Enjoy a range of exclusive privileges, rewards and travel
benefits to suit your lifestyle.

An HSBC account comes with a debit card and monthly statements. Please refer to our Schedule of Services and Tariffs for a complete list of services along with any fees and charges associated with them. 

If you are a salaried customer and your salary is transferred to HSBC UAE, you will not be required to maintain a minimum balance or a relationship balance with us for any account that you open with us. If you stop transferring your salary to HSBC UAE, then a fee may be applied as per the Schedule of Services and Tariffs.

If you are a non-salary transfer customer, a lower cost option for you to consider is to have a personal banking proposition, and open a Flexi or E-saver account, as you will not be required to maintain a minimum balance in those accounts. If you choose a different proposition or open a different account type, then a fee may be applied for not maintaining a minimum balance as per the Schedule of Services and Tariffs.

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GIG Motor Insurance provided through HSBC can offer protection for high value classic and prestige cars, providing comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

This proposition isn't available for new customers.

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