HSBC overdrafts

An overdraft is a short-term borrowing facility offered on a current account which provides you with flexibility in dealing with unforeseen expenses. You can easily use the funds at any time by simply writing a cheque or using your debit/ATM card.


  • Enjoy extra benefits on your Term Deposit.
  • Get an Overdraft against your Term Deposit with us.
  • Overdraft against your Term Deposit is a convenient way to manage any unforeseen or urgent expenses without the need to break your Term Deposit before maturity.


You can also enjoy:

  • competitive interest rates on your overdraft
  • no arrangement or processing fees
  • flexible repayments on the Overdraft paying only for the utilized amount
  • overdrafts up to 95% of the Term Deposit in AED, USD and GBP

Eligibility criteria

  • Valid Emirates ID required
  • You're aged between 21 to 65 years
  • You earn a minimum monthly income of AED 5,000

Subject to income being transferred to HSBC. Terms and conditions apply. 

Apply by phone

Start the process with just a phone call.

Alternatively, call 500 55 4722 (within UAE) or +971 4 366 9090 (outside UAE).

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