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International money transfers

Send money outside the UAE quickly and securely

Send money across the world

Looking to pay off a mortgage abroad, support your family back home or provide for your children studying abroad? Our international money transfers offer a quick, convenient and hassle-free way to send money overseas.

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A Secure Key is required to add a new beneficiary.

Why you should choose HSBC international money transfers

  • Competitive exchange rates1

    Benefit from competitive exchange rates.

  • Available 24/7

    Transfer money quickly and easily via online banking.

  • Transfer in over 25 currencies to 200 countries and regions

    You can send money to 200 different countries and regions in over 25 currencies.

  • View live rates at the time of making a transfer2

    Check the live exchange rate before the confirmation of your transfer.

  • Fee-free transfers for a selection of currencies

    Make fee-free transfers in INR, PKR, EGP and PHP.3

Are you eligible?

International money transfers are available to all our existing customers who hold a valid account and have a relationship with HSBC.

Things you should know

When sending money to someone for the first time through internet banking, to keep you safe we will ask you to authorise the transaction by generating a one-time transaction code on your Secure Key. This is a security step that verifies your credentials. It also increases security against possible fraud attacks which can be potentially caused by malware.

Steps to make an international money transfer

  1. Log on to online banking
  2. Select “Pay & Transfer” option in the quick links section
  3. Select the account from where you want to make the payment
  4. Select the relevant option for your payee
  5. Enter payment details
  6. Review and confirm your payment

How to apply


Already registered? Log on for the quickest and easiest way to transfer.

A Secure Key is required to add a new beneficiary.

Register for online banking

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Contact us about money transfers

Call us

Premier customers: 800 4320 (within UAE) or +971 4 224 1000 (outside UAE)

Advance customers: 800 4420 (within UAE) or +971 4 325 4573 (outside UAE)

Personal Banking customers: 600 55 4722 (within UAE) or +971 4 228 8007 (outside UAE)

HSBC Jade customers: 800 5233 (within UAE) or +971 4 366 9027 (outside UAE)

In branch

Visit your nearest branch or Customer Service Unit for a chat.

Another way to transfer

If you are an HSBC Premier customer, you can call your Relationship Manager to make a transfer. This is subject to relevant threshold amounts and internal approvals.

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Important notes

1We cannot guarantee that the exchange rates offered by HSBC UAE will be better than those offered by other financial institutions at the time of transfer.

2Live foreign exchange rates are refreshed every 90 seconds at the branch and in online banking and 120 seconds in Global View and Global Transfers during international weekdays (Monday-Friday). On international weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or when the currency markets are closed, live foreign exchange rates are not available and the rates will remain unchanged until the next international working day.

3If charge type "You'll pay all fees - OUR" is selected, the correspondent bank will not deduct any of its charges from the remittance amount and there will be no money transfer fee charged by HSBC UAE for transfers of Indian Rupee to India, Pakistani Rupee to Pakistan, Egyptian Pound to Egypt and Philippine Peso to the Philippines. 'OUR' charge type refers to You'll pay all fees, 'BEN' charge type refers to Payee or beneficiary will pay all fees and 'SHA' charge type refers to fees being shared between you and Payee / Beneficiary. Our Schedule of Services and Tariffs, as amended from time to time, will apply.

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