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Get started with HSBC WorldTrader

It's easy to start trading with HSBC

Step 1: Start applying in the HSBC UAE app

Log on to the HSBC UAE app to start your application. Make sure you have the latest version before you start.

If you're on your computer, scan this QR code with your mobile to access the HSBC UAE app:

1. Log on to the app

Open the 'Wealth' tab and select 'Open an investment account' to check your eligibility.

2. Confirm your eligibility

Once your eligibility is confirmed, you can start your application.

3. Accept the Key Facts Statement

Read and accept the Key Facts Statement.

4. Check your details and accept T&Cs

Confirm all the information is up to date and accept the T&Cs, then you'll be asked to complete your application in the HSBC WorldTrader app.

Step 2: Continue applying in the HSBC UAE WorldTrader app

Once you've completed the steps in the HSBC UAE app, you need to finish applying in WorldTrader.

1. Download the WorldTrader app
Open the app or go to your App Store or Google Play.
2. Configure your trading account
Confirm your source of wealth, trading experience, tax residency and answer a short questionnaire.
3. Review and sign the agreements
Read the agreements and disclosures for your account with Interactive Brokers UK.
4. Submit your application
Wait for approval and your account will be opened shortly. If there are any pending items, we'll contact you. Soon you'll be ready to start investing - good luck!

Need more help?

See if any of these options applies to you:

Additional information

    All submitted orders will be transmitted to Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited, acting in their capacity as your broker. All holdings within your Investment Account will be held by Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited, acting in their capacity as custodian.

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