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Voice ID

Easier and faster way to access your phone banking

Your voice is now your password

HSBC Voice ID is making phone banking easier because your voice is all you need to get access.

What is Voice ID?

Voice ID allows us to create a unique voiceprint which can be used in a number of ways to verify your identity. When you say a specific phrase this can be used as the password to your account. We can also identify the patterns of your speech so after a few minutes of speaking freely to an agent we can verify your identity. Finally our system can perform checks to ensure the voice being heard is not an impersonation or recording and prevent fraudsters from accessing your finances.

How do I create a Voice ID?

You’ll need your phone banking number and PIN on hand to get started. Get set up in 3 easy steps:

1. Call 800 VOICE (86423).

2. Verify yourself using your phone banking PIN.

3. Create your voiceprint saying 'My voice is my password' up to 5 times.


The next time you call us, you won’t need your six digit PIN. You'll just need to repeat that short, simple phrase. And don't worry about remembering it – we’ll remind you what to say.


If you've forgotten your phone banking PIN, you can reset it by calling us:

Premier customers

Call us on 800 4320 (within UAE) or +971 4 224 1000 (outside UAE)1.

Advance customers

Call us on 800 4420 (within UAE) or +971 4 325 4573 (outside UAE)1.

Personal banking customers

Call us on 600 55 4722 (within UAE) or +971 4 228 8007 (outside UAE)1.

1Calls may be monitored and/or recorded for security and service improvement purposes.

Who can use Voice ID?

HSBC Voice ID is available to UAE customers over the age of 18 who are registered for phone banking. You can choose to add Voice ID to your account at any time. You can enrol for Voice ID in English or Arabic. At present, password functionality is unavailable to Arabic users but your identity can still be verified by speaking with an agent2.

How will it be easier?

Instead of entering your six-digit phone banking PIN, we'll simply verify that it's you talking, by asking you to say a short, simple phrase.

How secure is it?

Like your fingerprint, your voice is unique, which means you can create your own voiceprint. Our Voice ID technology analyses your voice in seconds. It checks over 100 behavioural and physical vocal traits, including the size and shape of your mouth, how fast you talk and how you emphasise words.


Fraudsters and hackers may be able to steal or guess your PIN, but they can't replicate your voice. Voice ID is sensitive enough to detect if someone is impersonating you or playing a recording. It can even recognise your voice if you have a cold or a sore throat.


2By registering to Voice ID, We will be collecting, storing and analysing recordings of your voice to generate a ‘voice print’ that’s unique to you, and use this voice print to identify you when you call us. For more information on how we collect and store your data, please refer to our Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions.

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