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Frequently Asked Questions: Wealth Dashboard

How many holdings will show under the Wealth Investment tab?

The wealth dashboard shows 3 types of holdings - Equities, Bonds and Funds. It can show a maximum of 200 holdings.

Are there any holdings which won’t be shown?

Insurance holdings and cash accounts will not be shown on the mobile app version of the Wealth Dashboard.

My Wealth Dashboard is showing dividends which are still not credited to my payment account.

It’s the responsibility of your Custodian to receive the dividends and credit to your cash account linked to the investment account. Once the funds are credited to that cash account we reflect this on your Wealth Dashboard. Your Custodian will transfer the funds from your account held with them to your Payment Account if the value is greater than GBP50 or other currency equivalent.

Where can I see my investment transaction history?

You can view your investment transaction history on the Wealth Dashboard in online banking.

Where can I see my book cost?

The Book cost will show in the Mobile Wealth Dashboard Holdings section.

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