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Frequently Asked Questions: Mobile Banking App

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Accessing the HSBC UAE App

How can I get the HSBC UAE Mobile app?

If you’re registered for online banking, simply download the app from the Apple or Android app stores. Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your security information.

Do I need to register for the HSBC UAE Mobile app?

Yes, you need to be registered for online banking first. If you haven't already, you can find out how to do so here.

What operating system do I need for the Mobile app?

You’ll need either iOS 10 for Apple devices or Android 5.0 or later. You can check the compatibility of your device on the app stores. The app won’t work on Blackberry or Amazon Fire.

How can I activate the HSBC UAE Mobile app?

You can activate it by authenticating yourself using your:

  • Username, Password and One-time Password SMS
  • Username and Secure Key

How can I log on to the HSBC UAE Mobile app?

After activation, you need to create a 6-digit PIN for accessing the app. You can also use fingerprint or facial recognition, depending on your mobile device.

How can I recover my Username?

To get a reminder, please call us on 800 4525 (within UAE) or +9714 227 4310 (outside UAE).

How can I reset my Password?

If you’ve forgotten your password because you haven't used it for a while, it's easy to reset it. Just log on to online banking, select ‘Forgotten your password’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Afterwards, activate your new password by calling us on 800 4525 (within UAE) or +9714 227 4310 (outside UAE).

How can I replace my Secure Key?

To deactivate your Secure Key and order a new one if it’s lost or stolen, call us on 800 4525. If you’re outside the UAE, call +9714 227 4310.

Why haven’t I received my ‘one-time password' SMS?

The mobile number on your records could be wrong or out of date. To update it, log on to online banking and select ‘Update Personal Information’ under ‘Services’. You can also call the phone number on your HSBC card.

How can I unlock my HSBC UAE Mobile app?

It’s easy to reset your credentials if you’re locked out of the app. Just call the phone number on your HSBC card.

Can I use the HSBC UAE Mobile App on different devices?

Yes, you can download and activate the HSBC UAE Mobile App on up to 3 devices.

Can I have a different security PIN for each of my devices?

Yes. You can use different security PINs for different devices.

Which HSBC banking services are available on the app?

  • view your local and global account balances and details
  • view your loans and investment accounts
  • view your last 4 months of accounts, 12 months of credit card and loan account transactions
  • transfer money between your local HSBC accounts
  • transfer money to saved payees for HSBC accounts and UAE other bank accounts
  • pay existing billers
  • manage log on preferences like view or delete devices, change PIN and enable/disable face or fingerprint recognition

Some features are only available in online banking. These include International Transfers, Global Transfers, changing personal details and opening new accounts.

Using mobile banking

Can I still use regular online banking via my mobile phone?

Yes. To log on to HSBC online banking, type into the address bar and you will automatically be directed to a mobile version of our site. From this page, you can select the option to access the HSBC website to log on and access the full suite of HSBC online banking features.

Do I need an HSBC account to use mobile banking?

To use HSBC's Mobile Banking, you must have an HSBC account and be registered for online banking.

Can I schedule a transfer for a later or recurring date using mobile banking?

Transfers and bill payments are 'pay now' only. To schedule a transfer or bill payment, you need to access online banking through

Can I pay bills using HSBC mobile banking?

You can pay billers that have already been set up on online banking through You cannot set up new billers via the mobile banking.

Can I change or delete a scheduled payment I have set up using mobile banking?

To modify a transfer or bill payment, you need to access online banking through

General mobile banking queries

How much does mobile banking cost?

There are no additional charges for using HSBC mobile banking. You may incur internet data charges from your mobile service provider or internet service provider if you are connected via wireless internet. To confirm these charges, please contact your internet/mobile service provider.

Which HSBC banking services are available using mobile banking?

  • View your local and global account balances and details
  • View your last 4 months of accounts and 12 months of credit card transactions and loan account transactions
  • Transfer money between your local HSBC accounts
  • Transfer money to saved payees for HSBC accounts and UAE other bank accounts
  • Pay existing billers
  • Manage log on preferences

There are certain functionalities (eg Telegraphic Transfers, Global Transfers, change of personal details or opening new accounts) that are not available through the mobile app and these can only be done through your online banking via mobile device or computer. If you would like to browse the products and services offerings, please visit our full site at

Technical information

What happens to my session if my phone locks from inactivity?

For security reasons, the mobile banking session will become inactive after 10 minutes of being idle.

Can I exit HSBC mobile banking by closing the app or switching off the mobile phone?

Closing the app or switching off the mobile phone may not close the mobile banking session properly. We strongly recommend you click 'Logout' under “Profile” tab to properly close the session.

What happens if I answer a phone call or text message while using mobile banking?

If a device supports multitasking (running multiple applications at one time), the banking session may stay logged on. On some devices, however, mobile banking may time out. If you were in the middle of a transaction, please verify if your transaction was completed through the transaction history.

Why can't I connect to the internet on my mobile phone?

If you are unable to access the internet through your mobile phone, you should contact your mobile phone provider or the manufacturer's technical support.

It's taking a long time to load when I access the logon/confirmation screen etc. Is there a problem with your service?

The service has been tested and the app is built for quick loading. Please make sure the internet connection (through Wi-Fi or 3G) is available. If not available, please close the app and start again when the internet connection is available.

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